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About Us

The Dynamic Divas, NE mission is to help women to excel personally and professionally by educating, encouraging, and empowering them.  We accomplish this in an engaging atmosphere through innovative activities and resources that offer great value.

Jeannette Travaline is a strategic and visionary leader with 22+ years of experience in management, banking, business development and administration. She has established a solid reputation throughout her career as a self-starter with a strong work ethic, impeccable values and contagious energy. Jeannette has exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and is known for building rapport and long-lasting relationships. As the founder of the Dynamic Divas, Jeannette focuses on providing education, career development and business development in a networking environment for women at all levels. Jeannette is not only an expert facilitator, she is a skilled speaker with a successful history of presenting and influencing audiences. Jeannette’s innovative ideas, emphasis on inclusion and outside-the-box thinking have generated successful results for organizations she has worked for. She is passionate about coaching and team development, and has deep experience growing sales cultures and business development practices.



I met Jeannette about 5 years ago, at a time when my business was starting to grow and I had some decisions to make about ‘spending money to make money’. Being the frugal New Englander that I am, doing this was WAY out of my comfort zone. Jeannette and I had lunch and she way my cheerleader, inspiration, and honest voice of reason. She was truly a mentor to me and to so many women who aspire to fulfill their dreams. And can she make me laugh! I loved being part of the original Dynamic Divas that she created back then, and am thrilled that it has been re­birthed!! I met so many wonderful ladies through the group, and learned a ton through the educational forums. Jeannette….you go girl!”

Gwen Morgan            

 The What if………Workbook